How to Reheat Pasta

Pasta is very delicious, but sadly its not the healthiest food to help us become slimmer. When pasta is digested in our stomach, it is broken down and absorbed as simple sugars. This causes glucose level to sky-rocket. However, there is a way to alter the pasta to make you body digest it more like fibre- cool the pasta.

Cooling the pasta changes its structure and it becomes a form of ‘resistant starch’, where it acts more like a dietary fibre. So cold pasta is better for you, but let’s be honest, 99.9 percent of the time, warm pasta tastes better. Here’s good news for you: reheating the pasta is even better! Reheating that pasta make it even more ‘resistant starch’. What an impressive discovery, looks like I will be having pasta for dinner tonight!

Source: Science Alert

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