Counseling is a therapeutic relationship between two people that helps resolve personal, social, or psychological problems and difficulties. As a counselor, I endeavor to help people identify and achieve their personal growth goals. These are often things like reduced mental health symptoms, a better marriage, reduced substance use, better emotional boundaries, or increased coping skills.  But at the core of this is the basic need of all human beings to talk about something important to us and be understood by another human. Although this sounds like a very basic skill that a family member or best friend could provide, this is often not the case. Even the people who love us most are not always able to fully engage with us, understand us, or offer a non-judgmental perspective. Sometimes, the most well-meaning, supportive people around us cannot offer enough support to help reach the goals mentioned above.


The client-counselor relationship offers space for catharsis and understanding, but also a space to challenge your assumptions and the opportunity to try new ways of behaving and interacting with the people around you. Just focusing and reflecting on your own emotional wellbeing can cause immediate positive changes. But there are also plenty of more specific interventions such as motivational interviewing, cognitive-behavioral techniques, communication skills etc. For many people counseling can make a significant positive difference in quality of life. If you are considering counseling then I urge you to schedule a free consultation and see what  difference it can make.

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