I am currently licensed with the Oregon Board of Medical Practice and certified by the National
Certificate Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. I graduated with a Master’s
degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Daoist Traditions College of Chinese
Medical Art in Asheville, NC. After graduating I moved to the Minneapolis area to be closer to
family, but could not weather the harsh winters.  The opportunity to move to Oregon to practice
Chinese Medicine presented itself and I did not hesitate to pack up the family belongings and
drive West with my husband, daughter, and son! For 5 years I worked in a community
acupuncture setting here in Salem. I treated a wide variety of health issues, taught community
education classes related to Chinese Medicine and offered weekly yoga classes in an effort to
help people manage chronic pain. I also worked for almost 2 years at a pain clinic using
acupuncture and my knowledge of nutrition and movement to help people manage their chronic
pain issues.
At Lilac Wellness and Counseling I continue to enjoy treating a wide range of conditions
including pain, digestive issues, emotional imbalances, and female concerns such as menstrual
irregularities and discomforts, infertility, and menopausal issues. I strive to empower patients to
manage their health in a way that works best for them through acupuncture, herbal medicine,
movement, food therapy, and the use of essential oils.
I believe in creating balance in your life in all things. When I am not at work I am out playing in
nature’s playground with my lovely family!

Licenses and Certifications
2015 Oregon Medical Board, Licensed Acupuncturist (LAc) – AC173721
2014 National Acupuncture Certification – 154849

2014 Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Daoist Traditions College of Chinese
Medical Art
2000 Bachelor of Science, Community Health Education, University of Wisconsin La Crosse

I am also a cheese connoisseur. Although I am deathly allergic to lactose and everything delicious, I would rather have a blowout then say no to a nice smelly piece of Limburger. I was the runner-up of Wisconsin’s 1999 Miss Mild Cheddar pageant!